The IEMed launches the 2018 Euromed Survey

18 May 2018 | Corporate news
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Today marks the start of a new edition of the Euro-Mediterranean survey that the IEMed addresses each year to more than 5,000 experts in academia and think tanks as well as actors in both the political and institutional fields – represented by governments, European institutions and international organizations – and civil society – NGOs, companies, the media.

Under the title “Changing Euro-Mediterranean lenses”, the 2018 survey aims to assess the current situation of Euro-Mediterranean relations. This year it focuses on the changes in Europe and the perception and repercussions they have in the south and east of the Mediterranean.

The survey is structured in three blocks. The first aims to capture the perception of Euro-Mediterranean experts on how recent events in Europe have affected the southern shore of the Mediterranean. The second refers to the policies and strategies developed by the countries of the southern Mediterranean in relation to the EU and other partners in the region. And finally, the third block assesses the suitability of the current frameworks for Euro-Mediterranean relations and identifies possible new avenues for cooperation.

How to participate?

Beyond the experts and actors of Euro-Mediterranean relations who are invited to answer the survey, the IEMed encourages the participation of all those people with expertise in the matter, either by trajectory or position.


All participants receive the printed edition of the survey results and one of the IEMed publications.

In addition, three of the participants – chosen by lot – are awarded an invitation to attend one of the Euro-Mediterranean meetings organized by the IEMed during 2018:

The annual EuroMeSCo conference in Rabat (July 12 and 13)

The awards ceremony of the literary competition “A sea of ​​words” in Barcelona (October 19-21)

The annual MedThink 5 + 5 forum in Algeria (June 25-27)