The European Commission supports the IEMed in promoting research on Mediterranean policies

3 February 2015 | Corporate news
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The IEMed, in collaboration with the EuroMeSCo network, will carry out a reinforced research, dialogue and dissemination activity on the best way to respond to the challenges presented by the region and how to better incorporate civil society in political decision-making processes.

This strengthening of its activity in this field is the result of the grant awarded by the European Commission’s Neighborhood Program to conduct the action titled “Euro-Mediterranean Political Research and Dialogue for Inclusive Policy-Making Processes”. The project will be carried out by the IEMed, which leads a consortium of 13 institutes and research centers, with the collaboration of all members of the EuroMeSCo network who are associated with the project.

The EuroMeSCo network, the main network of political and security research centers in the region, has been classified for the second year in a row as the 7th best network of think tanks in the world (Global GoToThinkTanks Index 2014).