Human Development & Regional Integration

We carry out cooperation and dialogue initiatives bringing both shores of the Mediterranean together for decent, productive and creative lives  

Despite clear commonalities and complementarities, the Mediterranean region is characterised by strong disparities in terms of human development and regional integration between the North and South of the basin, as well as among Southern Mediterranean countries. Deficits in human development and mobility, interconnected infrastructures, and barriers to trade affect the stability, prosperity and peace of Mediterranean societies, while hindering the convergence and integration of the countries in the region. 

With this programme, the IEMed helps address the socioeconomic development of the region with a human-centred approach, leading to the tangible improvement of the lives of all Mediterranean people.   

It also supports political association and economic integration, seeking a growing convergence between the North and South of the Mediterranean basin that would transform the Mediterranean into an area of peace, stability and shared prosperity. 

The IEMed’s strategy is to bring together key stakeholders from different backgrounds ‒ public and private ‒ and reach out to decision-makers with spaces for dialogue, research projects and publications, providing evidence of the benefits of greater integration and human development to face the common challenges of today and tomorrow in the Mediterranean. 

The aim is to support and implement initiatives and projects focused on the development of promising economic sectors, MSMEs, human capital, human mobility, financial inclusion, decent job creation, digitalisation, and trade and energy, among others.