Young people with a Migratory Background in the Mediterranean

2 February 2022. From 18:30  To 20:00 | Conference | Spanish | IEMed
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The conference is focused on the studies and research that in the last 20 years have been developed in the Italian context, and in particular in the city of Genoa, on the presence of the sons of migrants and their process of social integration.

Genoa in the last 30 years has become a city of arrival of migrants from different countries. Particularly in the last 15 years, the arrival and presence of the children of migrants and their insertion in the school system and in the social context, has led to the development of a broad reflection on the role of the second generations and on the process of construction of the identity. Is it evident how these young people live in a context where, on the one hand, they continue to be perceived as foreigners by a part of the society plagued by the anguish of assimilation. In everyday life there is already a plurality made up of different young people, children of migrants, children of mixed couples, children of Italians who share the same social, school, educational and work spaces. The research clearly shows how the presence of these young people, the result of a history of migration of more than 30 years, places society in front of the opportunity of a paradigm shift where hybridization is no longer seen as a fearsome future but as a transformation process that has already taken place and is irreversible.

Conference by Francesca Lagomarsino, associate professor at the University of Genoa, researcher at the department of Educational Sciences (DISFOR) and a member of the Mediterranean Migration Studies Center (MEDI). She has participated in numerous European projects related to her main fields of research, which focus on international migration, especially on issues related to migrant families and second generations. Among her works is Familias en movimiento: Más allá de los estereotipos de la maternidad transnacional (2014).

Co-organised by the IEMed as part of the Aula Mediterrània 2021-22 programme in collaboration with the Master’s in Contemporary Migrations, Rights and Social Cohesion, UAB/UB. The conference is introduced by Romina Tavernelli, researcher and co-director of the Master’s degree (Universitat de Barcelona).

This lecture takes place online on Zoom and it can also be followed on the IEMed Youtube Channel.



Francesca Lagomarsino

Associate professor Università di Genova

Romina Tavernelli

Researcher UAB

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