XXI Meeting of the Spanish Anna Lindh Foundation and Capacity Development

20 September 2021- 21 September 2021. From 11:00  To 13:30 | Presentation | Spanish | English | IEMed
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The Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation celebrates its XXI Annual Meeting and Capacity Building. The event takes place at the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) over a day and a half. Senén Florensa, Executive President of IEMed and Roger Albinyana, Managing Director of IEMed, welcome the event.

The occasion serves to bring together a large number of members of the network (up to 40 different entities) throughout a day and a half in which various topics are discussed. On the one hand, a balance is made of the activities carried out since the last meeting in March 2020. This section serves to talk about the various projects carried out both nationally and internationally.

On this occasion, the ReFAL Executive Committee is partially renewed, so after the balance, the members vote among the various candidates to select the entities that become part of the Committee.

Monday afternoon is reserved for ‘networking’ between associations, which can propose new ideas and projects to create synergies among the members of the Network. Tuesday is dedicated to the training component of the meeting. Beatriz Marco, director of the Technical Office of the Undersecretariat of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, explains the new “Plan for the recovery, transformation and resilience of culture.” After a brief pause, Ricard Zapata, Director of GRITIM-UPF, will deliver a presentation called “Interculturalism review in comparative perspective: approaches, contexts and levels of application”.



Senén Florensa Palau

Executive President IEMed

Roger Albinyana

Managing Director IEMed

Maria-Àngels Roque

Director of the Department of Mediterranean Cultures and Civil Society IEMed

Carina Soriano

Culture and Civil Society Technical Advisor  IEMed

Abdelali Bariki

Asociación Azaquiel

Cristobal Suria

Manager Fundación Universitaria de Valencia

Míriam Díez Bosch

Director Observatori Blanquerna de Comunicació, Religió i Cultura