XII North Africa Business Development Forum (Nabdf)

25 November 2015 | Conference | Barcelona
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The 12th North Africa Business Development Forum aims at creating a sustainable development model for the region based on a transparent and efficient administration, as well as a more open and dynamic business environment and concrete improvements in the quality of life of the citizens.

In terms of location and resources, North Africa is well placed to become the leading gas supplier to the European market and other markets, if it can overcome the problems caused by government inflexibility and a lack of progress on key projects.

North Africa is becoming ever-more crucial as a source of Europe’s hydrocarbons, especially gas. It is playing an ever larger and more important part in this dynamic and rapidly changing sector.

Economic integration of the Maghreb based on given business projects, entrepreneurs’ mobility and renewable energies are some of the issues addressed with the objective of creating models of sustainable development for the region. This year, Tunisia is also the main focus of many sessions.

The Forum, held in Barcelona, is organised by the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME), the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the IEMed.



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