Writing workshop

17 June 2021. From 18:00  To 19:00 | Cultural activity | IEMed
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The various associations that are part of the Women’s Voice project (carried by Euromed Women Foundation and financed by the Anna Lindh Foundation) continue to develop all kinds of activities in line with the objectives of the project.

Women’s Voice has a double objective: on the one hand, it aims to offer a space for reflection on the discrimination and violence suffered by women in the Mediterranean in order to contribute to the awareness of these phenomena and, consequently, to produce strategies to combat them. In addition, Women’s Voice also aims to highlight Euro-Mediterranean artistic expressions that are developing in response to the types of violence accentuated by the pandemic. This project questions and offers answers based on resilience and feminism.

With a networking approach, these expressions are of great relevance for building solid intercultural dialogues in the Mediterranean. Through activities centered on different artistic formats, the project refers to the Mediterranean artistic plurality. In addition, associations and institutions from France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia provide elements of analysis of the Mediterranean artistic fabric from a transdisciplinary and multilingual perspective.