Workshop on the Sahel-Mediterranean compendium

14 June 2022- 15 June 2022 | Workshop | English | Casablanca, Morocco
slideshow image Fred Marie / Hans Lucas via Reuters Connect

The Center for Strategic Studies in the Middle East and South Asia (NESA), in collaboration with the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and the US Africa Command, is organizing the sixth NESA-IEMed workshop. The event is part of its ongoing series of subregional working groups of the Network for Strategic Studies (SSN) on the Sahel area and the influence of its stability at the regional and international levels.

In this workshop, regional and international experts are invited to discuss the current security situation and some of the phenomena affecting both the Sahel and the Mediterranean region. The workshop proposes discussions on topics such as ongoing intervention and cooperation strategies, more constructive and creative future solutions for regional security, or the causes and consequences of the climate crisis for the region.

The event takes place in Casablanca, Morocco, with exclusive access for participants.

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