What do we talk about when we talk about ‘environmental migrations’? Perspectives and questions from the Mediterranean

7 March 2024. From 18:30 | Conference | Spanish | IEMed
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Current projections warn of a future in which more than 250 million individuals by the year 2050 could be forced to move due to environmental degradation. In this context, Thales Speroni, relying on the experiences of the NAWI Observatory and the BAMAC Project (Barcelona Metròpolis d’Acollida Climàtica), will address the hermeneutical challenges for the analysis of environmental migrations and the regulatory barriers that hinder the protection of these groups.

A conference by Thales Speroni Pereira Da Cruz, postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Migrations Studies and Research (CER-Migracions), UAB, and Migrants’ Rights Research Group (GESDI), UB

Thales Speroni is a post-doctoral researcher at CER-Migracions, UAB. He has a PhD in Sociology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and UAB. He has research experience in the areas of Sociology of Labor and Sociology of Migration. He has participated in research projects at the University of Carleton, University of Deusto, UAB and UFRGS. Among his research interests: transnational social protection; care and transnational families; access to health and education by migrants; and the migratory dynamics of return, circularity and remigration.

Session of the conference series of the interuniversity programme Aula Mediterrània 2023-24 moderated by Romina Tavernelli, senior research officer, Centre for Migrations Studies and Research (CER-Migracions), UAB

It takes place at the IEMed conference room (Girona, 20 · Barcelona) co-organised with Master’s Degree in Contemporary Migrations, Rights and Social Cohesion, UAB/UB

It can also be followed on IEMed’s Youtube Channel.



Thales Speroni Pereira Da Cruz

Postdoctoral researcher Centre for Migrations Studies and Research (CER-Migracions), UAB
Romina Tavernelli

Romina Tavernelli

enior research officer, Centre for Migrations Studies and Research (CER-Migracions), UAB

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