VIBRART Exhibition

26 May 2021. From 11:00 | Cultural activity | Pollença
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VIBRART exhibition is the result of the VIBRART project, the workshops funded by the IEMed within its program “Educating in diversity” and which has been held at the INS Cap Norfeu, an educational center in Roses from January to June 2021.

The VIBRART project by the Azahara association develops gender equality workshops through the dynamics of body and photographic expression, with the aim of bringing SDG5 closer to compulsory secondary education classrooms, in order to eradicate relationships. of inequality that are generated in the different sociocultural groups and improve coexistence and social cohesion

The exhibition is made up of 19 photographs taken by the students and materials they have developed in the dynamics of the workshops and via QR codes you can view the videos of the students.

2 young people from each group (10 young people in total) and some of the teachers who have participated in the project together with Laia Rosas, responsible for the workshops, take part in the presentation of the project. The presentation of the project is broadcast on Instagram.

On the other hand, the cultural exchange with the Mallorcan Solidarity and Cooperation Fund in Mallorca takes place on the weekend of June 10. In this exchange there is a workshop with the group of young people, training for professionals and the exhibition is exhibited at the cultural center of Pollença.