Transform Your Voice

8 June 2021. From 17:00 | Workshop | Spanish | Online
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The creation of intercultural meeting spaces between young people helps to strengthen the debate in different social situations, to identify shared values in the region and to transcend those stereotypes that separate us.

In this space, young people from different disadvantaged areas reflect on their reality, how they value the participation of young people today and what are the challenges for the future. 

With a transversal approach to youth and gender, the young people will focus their debate on three themes:

• THE FUTURE OF CIVIL SOCIETY AND INTERCULTURAL TRENDS, from the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Digitization to trends in creative entrepreneurship led by civil society. 

• CLIMATE RESILIENCE AND INTERCULTURAL INTELLIGENT CITIES, dialogues focused on increasing the capacity of socio-economic and environmental systems to cope with the effects of climate change. 

• YOUTH ON THE MOVE AND DIALOGUE FOR EMPLOYABILITY, focusing on the nexus between intercultural learning, mobility and skills for employability. 

Activities based on knowledge and the exchange of experiences and ideas have a positive impact on mutual perceptions and make it possible to overcome barriers and continue communication between young people who have met.