The Threat of Terrorist Groups in the Euro-Mediterranean

5 November 2015 | Workshop | English | Cairo
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The Dialogue Workshop is a full day meeting where the authors of the Joint Policy Study on “The Threat of Terrorist Groups in the Euro-Mediterranean” have a chance to present their initial findings to the other participants including other researchers from the EuroMeSCo network as well as key experts and practitioners from several Arab and European countries. The authors share a short concept note with the other participants ahead of the meeting.

The Joint Policy Study analyzes and monitors the threat of terrorist groups with a focus on Syria (Daesh, Al-Nusra Front, and Al Qaeda), and the issue of foreign fighters’ recruitment. The workshop is structured along the sub-topics of the joint policy study. In the absence of one of the four authors, three of the four subtopics are discussed: the reasons contributing to the terrorist groups’ appeal among Arab and European Citizens, the terrorist groups’ recruitment tactics and the role of international and regional actors vis-a-vis terrorist groups.

Finally, the fourth session discusses preliminary recommendations by the participants, each in their topic of research, in the light of the research initial findings and feedback from discussions.