The New Post-COVID-19 European Neighbourhood Policy: What is the EU Support for Morocco in the Health Insurance Reform?

28 July 2021. From 17:30  To 19:00 | Conference | French | Auditorium du PCNS and Live-Stream
slideshow image Doctor Meryem Bouchbika wearing a protective face mask takes a break in Sale, Morocco April 2020. REUTERS/ Youssef Boudlal

Since the launch of the European Neighbourhood Policy in 2004, Morocco has proved to be a privileged partner in both the economic and political fields. However, with the emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the past year has proved difficult for both sides who have declared a state of emergency and implemented strict measures to protect their citizens. 

Nevertheless, in February 2021, and with the gradual reduction of restrictions, the European Commission established a new agenda for the Mediterranean region with the aim of strengthening the previous relations and partnerships, known as the “joint communication proposing a new agenda for the Mediterranean region. In this vein, on April 14, 2021, King Mohamed VI launched a major social protection project that requires numerous structural and legal reforms as well as significant funding. It is in this context the Morocco-EU cooperation plays a support role in order to carry out the programs and projects initiated by the Kingdom.

This event allows an in-depth discussion of the reforms of the post-COVID-19 social protection system, and particularly the health insurance component within the framework of Morocco-EU cooperation, and in which, experts and institutional representatives, combine their actions and outlook.



Claudia Wiedey

Ambassador of the European Union to Morocco European Commission

Ahmed Reda Chami

President Economic, Social and Environmental Council

Nouzha Chekrouni

Senior Fellow Policy Center for the New South

Larabi Jaïdi

Senior Fellow Policy Center for the New South