The Future of the Mediterranean After the Riots

25 July 2014. From 19:30 | Conference | Catalan | Museu Soler Blasco, Xàvia

The “Foro Jávea de Vecindad” organizes the conference “Mediterranean (s) 2030: possible scenarios 20 years after the riots”, given by Javier Albarracín, director of socio-economic development of the IEMed.

The aim of this conference is to delve into the future of the Mediterranean region since, in the words of Albarracín, “at a historic moment of redefining the economic, political and social systems it is essential to take into account the existing projections on the most important issues”.

Albarracín addresses, among other issues, migratory flows and the demographic challenge, the impact of climate change, food security, the economic potential of the area or the important role of certain international actors interested in the region, such as China, the Gulf countries or Turkey.

The Foro Jávea de Vecindad is a private Foundation that was born with the aim of being a space for debate and discussion, for the exchange of opinions, ideas and contributions in all fields of knowledge and professional activity among young people from  Euro-Mediterranean area and the Middle East, thus promoting respect for human rights and the dignity of people. Above all, it wants to promote dialogue between the new generations over ideological, cultural and religious differences that sometimes lead to violent conflicts.


Javier Albarracín

Javier Albarracín