The European and Mediterranean Youths in Transition(s)

3 May 2023- 4 May 2023 | Conference | English | Vienna
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The annual EU meeting of the Israeli-European Policy Network (IEPN), in cooperation with the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), provides a suitable platform to analyse and debate the challenges of the EU-Israel economic relations, situating them in their overarching environment of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The 2023 meeting will try to answer the following question: How can the digital transition benefit to the inclusion of young people in the labour market?

This is the question that the IEPN Annual Meeting will discuss through three sessions presenting Israeli, European, and Mediterranean perspectives on the topic. The first session will be dedicated to what the digital transition means for the labour market in general (new forms of work, quality of work, skills, inequalities) and the youth in the Euro-Mediterranean area in particular. Participants will also discuss the necessary policies and best practices to prepare and well manage this transition for the benefit of the youth. During the second session, experts will tackle the ways through which youth employability could be improved to match the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s digital labour market in terms of skills. Education and training schemes will notably be discussed, as well as the means to reduce inequalities and digital divides through education. Finally, the last session of the seminar will debate how the digital transition can impact the mobility of young people in the labour markets across the Euro-Mediterranean area and thus reinforce regional integration.

(An event by invitation only; held under Chatham House Rule)


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