Talking about gender, resistance and youth in Palestine

4 July 2023. From 18:00 | Conference | English | IEMed - Barcelona
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An event open to the general public in the framework of the Palestinian Study Days, organised by the JOVIS.COM research group of the UPF within the framework of an ERASMUS+ mobility exchange.

The objective of the Week Studies is to present, through rigorous analyses, the ways of resisting the Israeli occupation by youth groups, mainly, but also the difficulties of carrying out social work and action research in a situation where the restrictions on collective rights are worsening day by day.

Presentation: Jose Sánchez-García, scientific coordinator of the Horizon2020 TRANSGANG project, department of Communication, UPF


  • Abeer Musleh, assistant professor at the department of social sciences at Bethlehem University
  • Hala Khalawi, psychologist and consultant of World Health Organization WHO
  • Ahmed Asaad, sociologist
  • Mohamed Lafi, pschycologist is lecturer at Department of Social Sciences of Bethlehem University
  • Minerva Jaraysa, professor at department of Social Sciences of Bethlehem University

Chair: Gemma Aubarell, director of the Culture, Gender and Civil Society department

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