Sustainability: Towards A New Paradigm Of Development In The Euro-Mediterranean Area

26 November 2019. From 09:00 | Conference | French | Fes
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Sustainable development has emerged as a new paradigm for States and organizations. The UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, and the various COPs have entrenched the need to transform production and consumption patterns by adopting more sustainable practices. 
In the Euro-Mediterranean zone, Morocco has been particularly involved in the challenge of climate change (organization of the COP22, implementation of the Ouarzazate solar power station, active policy for the promotion of renewable energies and national strategy to fight climate change in all its forms), as well as in the development of an intense cooperation on this subject, particularly at the African level. 
It is for this reason that the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez, itself an ecocampus, has taken the initiative to organize in collaboration with the European Institute of the Mediterranean a workshop in Fez on the topic of “Sustainability: Towards a New Paradigm of Development in the Euro-Mediterranean Area”. 
In this context, various contributions related to the sustainable development strategy approaches, the energy transition, the circular economy, the participatory approaches, and the dynamics of climate change are able to enrich this theme.



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