Shaping narratives of the conflict and their global effects

23 November 2023. From 12:00  To 13:00 | Webinar | English | Online

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This is the third webinar of the afkar Debates series “Israel and Palestine: unveiling global and regional ramifications of the conflict“. A series that addresses the global and regional consequences of the ongoing conflict situation in the Middle East, from the viewpoint of multilateral and international actors, regional dynamics, and the decisive impact on global narratives disseminated through digital media. One of the premises is that this conflict is likely to significantly impact Europe’s relations with the Mediterranean and therefore requires a dedicated space for information and exchange.

afkar Debates aims to contribute to discussions regarding the most pressing issues in the Mediterranean region. It targets primarily those audiences interested in in-depth analyses, the experts working on Mediterranean affairs as well as officials directly involved.

A webinar on Zoom (register)

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Abdullatif Sleibi

Abdullatif Sleibi

Senior Data Analyst & Project Officer PAX for Peace

Noureddine Miladi

Professor of Media and Communication Qatar University
Gemma Aubarell

Gemma Aubarell

Director of Culture, Gender and Civil Society IEMed

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