Feminisms in the South and East of the Mediterranean

20 November 2019. From 19:00 | Workshop | Catalan | Spanish | Ateneu Barcelonès, Barcelona
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The seminar, co-organized by the IEMed and the Ateneu Barcelonès and presented by IEMed Director General Josep Ferré, revolves around the actions led by the associative tissue of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries to advance towards gender equality.

The event is structured upon the interventions of three main speakers. Maria Àngels Roque, director of the “Culture and Civil Society” Department at the IEMed and a board member of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation, presents the Foundation’s field actions and contributions to advancing women’s rights and favouring gender equality across the Mediterranean. Salwa El Gharbi, a jurist expert in diversity and elected member of the Catalan Parliament, talks about migrant women and feminist movements in Catalonia. And Nour Salameh, a historian and a member of the UNESCOMed – UNESCO Chair of Dialogue, discusses recent feminist and women mobilization in the Arab world. 

Their interventions are followed by a series of questions from the audience. Through this open dialogue, the participants and the audience are able to engage in a fruitful conversation to delve into a very complex and multi-layered topic