“Radio Yes Europe: The Future of Civil Society and Intercultural Trends”

26 May 2021. From 16:00 | Conference | Spanish | Online
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To celebrate both the European Environment Week and the European initiative “The new European Bauhaus”, issues that directly affect young people, this debate is organized within the framework of the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. The “Radio Yes Europa” initiative aims to empower and give a voice to young people through this debate, promote intercultural and non-formal learning and improve their social and intercultural skills. The radio debate will be broadcast through their local radio studio “Yes Europa” and will feature young local volunteers.

The creation of intercultural meeting spaces between young people helps to strengthen the debate in different social situations, to identify shared values ​​in the region and to transcend those stereotypes that separate us. Activities based on knowledge and the exchange of experiences and ideas have a positive impact on mutual perceptions and make it possible to overcome barriers and continue communication between young people who have met.

The debate on the radio, due to COVID causes, will be open only to selected participants, 3 young local volunteers. But it will be broadcast online openly on their social networks and later it will be posted on YouTube in a delayed manner.