“Nos Llaman Calle”: Street Art as a Spokesperson for Young People

18 March 2022- 21 March 2022 | Cultural activity | Spanish | Granada Streets, Fundación Euroárabe and Ayuntamiento de Granada Square
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Under the initiative “Nos Llaman Calle: Street Art as a Spokesperson for Young People” workshops are organized for young people on street photography, rap and graffiti to work on intercultural dialogue, and the cultural richness of the streets of Grenade. The objective is to give visibility to the plurality of messages that exist and to the richness that diversity brings. The event has equity as a transversal axis, so it works from a gender perspective and gives visibility to women.

The following are some of the activities carried out:

  • Photography workshop, with the aim of capturing the diversity in the street with which the participants may identify.
  • Workshop of diverse verses/Rap, in which, through verse, concerns, perceptions are collected, and a voice is given to marginalised sectors of society.
  • Workshop on graffiti. Exploration of the artistic creativity and reflection of young people through the creation of a collective painting in which they can express their concerns about racial discrimination, followed by a critical route around Granada in which they reflect on the topics covered.

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