Inclusive Media, Inclusive Cities: Coexistence Against Islamophobia

29 October 2020. From 19:00 | Workshop | Catalan | Online
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The IEMed organizes, within the framework of the Biennial of Thought ‘Ciutat Oberta’ of Barcelona, the debate “Inclusive media, inclusive cities: coexistence against Islamophobia” with the aim of analyzing, debating and contributing to strengthening the fight against Islamophobia. A discussion focused on the local dimension of the fight against Islamophobia and the construction of distorting narratives in the field of communication.
The analysis of the role of the media based on data obtained by the Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media, of which the IEMed is a founding partner, reflects the diversity of the different groups that coexist in the city, as well as detecting those existing Islamophobic remnants in order to combat them more effectively.
The images that the media constructs, the diverse representativeness in media production, the prejudices and stereotypes they reproduce, and the relevant or absent visibility of the initiatives of the various local communities are key to understanding the perceptions that run through the imagination of citizens.