Migrations and Spaces of Intercultural Creativity

11 June 2012 | Workshop | IEMed, Barcelona

European societies, made up of many nationalities, are increasingly multicultural. The northern countries mainly host significant migratory flows from the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean. These citizens from immigration, whether born in the countries on these shores or children of parents who emigrated to the countries on the north shore, are bearers of a culture of origin that, in contact with the host culture, it gives rise to cultural “products” or political positions of great richness and complexity.

This seminar tries to analyze some keys that allow to better understand these artists, writers and intellectuals arising from immigration, with the aim of giving visibility to their respective creative processes and highlight the elements that contribute their works in the framework of the European societies.

The seminar also aims to encourage exchange between these Mediterranean creators. This meeting, organized in collaboration with the French Institute of Barcelona, has the participation of writers, painters, musicians and directors of films and documentaries. At the same time, the IEMed is taking part in the 20th International Women’s Film Festival, which takes place at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, with a special section entitled “Young Maghreb filmmakers”. The presentation of issue 17 of the magazine Quaderns de la Mediterrània is also planned, the dossier of which is entitled “Migrations and creativity”, in which several participants in the seminar collaborate.