Migrants and the Media. Polarising Narratives and Radical Frameworks

23 May 2024. From 18:30 | Conference | English | IEMed
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Migratory movements have been present throughout human history. Yet, in recent decades, their constituent elements, such as their composition, size and directionality, have transformed. The free movement of people in Europe is under threat, operating in a global context that reinforces security perspectives in response to migration. The member states of the Schengen area have, since 2015, re-established border controls, leading to the resurgence of xenophobic and racist discourses that foster a hostile environment in the face of the arrival of migrants and refugees.

In this lecture, we will seek to identify what types of representations determine the construction of certain hegemonic narratives in the discourse on migration. Specifically, we intend to contribute to the study of migrants’ representations based on three areas of study: the parliamentary debate, the law proposals, the communication and discussion of these laws in the Italian news media. Hence, the main research questions are:

1) how is the discourse on migrations constructed in the political sphere?

2) what types of laws and policies are derived from this?

3) does, and in which way, the press tale on migration legislative process rearticulate the construction of the discourse?

A conference by Silvia Pezzoli, a researcher in Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes at the Università degli Studi di Firenze. She has a PhD in Sociology of Communication. Her research focuses on the fields of communication, media and new media and the representation of specific issues, such as migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Since 2018, she has coordinated, together with Alberto Tonini, the Unifi Interdisciplinary Research Unit on Migration (IRMI). She has participated in numerous international and national congresses presenting her research on this subject, on which she has made several publications, such as “Migranti e rappresentazioni. Linguaggio, integrazione e discriminazione” (2021, con Letizia Materassi) and “Tra rappresentazioni e commenti d’odio: i rifugiati sui quotidiani online italiani” (2019, con Letizia Materassi).

Session of the conference series of the interuniversity programme Aula Mediterrània 2023-24 moderated by Romina Tavernelli, senior researcher, Centre d’Estudis i Recerca en Migracions (CER-Migracions), UAB. Session co-organised with the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Migrations, Rights and Social Cohesion, UAB/UB

It takes place at the IEMed conference room (Girona, 20 · Barcelona).

It can also be followed on IEMed’s Youtube Channel.


Silvia Pezzoli

Silvia Pezzoli

Researcher in Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes Università degli Studi di Firenze
Romina Tavernelli

Romina Tavernelli

Senior researcher CER Migracions – UAB

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