MENA Post-Conflict Reconstruction Working Group

11 April 2016. From 09:00 | Workshop | English | Casa Árabe
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Several countries in the Middle East and North Africa are currently in times of social and political conflict. Some countries, having undergone important transformations in their political systems find themselves in very vulnerable situations, subject to various destabilizing dynamics, including terrorism; moments of restoration of authoritarian regimes; and protracted wars and conflicts that are devastating their infrastructures and resources at all levels, in addition to the massive suffering of their populations.

The aim of the seminar is to analyze the reconstruction processes in post-conflict countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, with particular emphasis on Syria, Iraq and Libya; and publish a document with the conclusions and proposals that will serve as a preliminary assessment of the different steps and initiatives to be taken in future reconstruction processes.

The seminar is developed in three thematic sessions. The first aims to quantify the destruction and eventual cost of reconstruction as well as assess the challenges posed by the reconstruction processes in the region. The second session seeks to analyze previous experiences relevant to the region and the priorities to be addressed in specific economic sectors such as energy, transport, infrastructure, on national and regional level. Finally, the challenges to urban planning and the housing sector in destroyed cities are posed.

The meetings bring together a selection of experts and representatives of multilateral institutions, specialized organizations and companies from different countries.




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