Mediterranean, a sea of music

15 December 2021. From 19:00 | Cultural activity | Catalan | Sala d'Actes del Palau Robert
slideshow image Author of the photo: Lídia Carbonell

Presentation of the album and video clip “Mediterrània. Un Mar de Música” by the group Capella de Ministrers in the Auditorium of the Palau Robert in Barcelona. The presentation will be given by Carles Magraner, Senén Florensa and Lídia Carbonell. The event ends with a performance of some songs from the album.

Capella de Ministres recovers a part of a vast artistic heritage that has been developed in the countries that bathe the Mediterranean Sea, from traditional music to Renaissance and Baroque. This latest album is the issue 64 of an international reference group in historical music that will celebrate 35 years of artistic career in 2022.

Carles Magraner, director of Capella de Ministers, addresses the 18 songs of this album, which is distributed in more than 28 countries and on various platforms around the world, Neapolitan and Mediterranean music by authors of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as Antonio Valente, Athanasius Kircher, Giovan Leonardo Primavera, Lluc Ruiz de Ribayaz, Vincenzo Fontana, Andrea Falconieri, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Claudio Monteverdi, Stefano Landi, as well as songs by Pi de Vittorio with arrangements by Magraner and other anonymous and traditional works. The musicologist emphasizes that “in this repertoire, we want to celebrate the interculturality that the Mediterranean has provided for centuries and vindicate the interbreeding and link between classical and traditional music.” The artist emphasizes that “we have aim to transmit that music is a common and universal language of union that can be associated with festive times and can become a source of inspiration for many intellectuals, but it is also often the scene of death, inequality and constant clashes over political conflicts ”.



Senén Florensa

President Executiu IEMed

Carles Magraner

Musician Capella de Ministrers

Lídia Carbonell

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