Media and Social Fractures: Press For Elites and Popular Press

29 April 2015. From 18:30 | Conference | French | IEMed, Barcelona
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The main headlines of the print and electronic press in Algeria supported the Arab Springs and there were also a variety of groups that called for an “Algerian Spring”. Despite this, the Algerian streets did not respond to calls from political parties and civil society while, at the same time, there were some riots throughout the national territory. Analyzing this gap between the media and the Algerian population can lead to different questions shared with other political situations in a world marked by globalization.

Salima Ghezali is an Algerian journalist, writer and activist for women’s rights. In 1980 she became involved in the Algerian women’s movement, including as a founding member of Women of Europe and the Maghreb and as editor-in-chief of Nyssa, the women’s publication that she created. From a teacher she became a journalist, she edited the French-language weekly La Nation since 1994, banned in 1996, and reappeared on the Internet in 2011 due to the riots in the Arab world. She has been the winner of several awards for the defense of human rights, for her activism for women’s rights and for democracy in Algeria. In 2013 she actively participated in the Sakharov awards event network.



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Salima Ghezali




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