Marking Trends-Refuge and Migrations

17 June 2021. From 10:00  To 20:30 | Workshop | Catalan | Casal ‘Pou de la Figuera’, Barcelona
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The workshop is an activity of debate, exchange and training starring 21 people, representatives of 7 non-profit and non-governmental Catalan organizations.

The main objective is to provide answers to the situation of vulnerability that migrants and refugees find themselves, based on the experiences and knowledge of the promoters themselves. We analyze some of the challenges and difficulties that affect people in these groups and share information on initiatives that we are carrying out the same entities, as a preliminary step to visualize possible solutions, the result of coordinated actions that may set a trend. The workshop should serve to pave the way and create new opportunities for collaboration and networking between the organizing entities.

The activity is organized by 7 member entities of the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue-European Institute of the Mediterranean with the support of its call for decentralized meetings.