KHALED: An artistic installation by Martí Sancliment on the migratory crisis

22 October 2021- 24 October 2021 | Cultural activity | Catalan | Olot
slideshow image Clàudia Serrahima

This multidisciplinary artistic installation, inaugurated at the Fira Mediterrània in Manresa, is based on the experience and testimony of seven migrant and refugee artists from various countries who narrate their own refugee paths.

The IEMed co-produces the artistic installation “Khaled: Path of Refuge” by Martí Sancliment in collaboration with Neandertal Records. The installation receives the support of the City Council of Barcelona and has received the La Filadora Award 2021. It revolves around the idea of ​​refuge in the contemporary world Using the Testimony of September migrant artists and refugees from various Mediterranean countries. The installation is also part of the Festival Entranyes in Olot (22-24 October 2021).

“Khaled: Path of Refuge” offers the visitor an open and free tour that allows them to get to know and establish contact with each of these experiences and testimonies. We propose refuge as a universal and shared need: the need that we all have to build and generate safe spaces, spaces for listening, esteem and welcome. Each of the experiences is narrated through a different artistic language. In this way, it is through sound, audiovisual, music, plastic art and lighting that the visitor can gradually recognize each of the real experiences and experiences that are narrated in the installation.

A total of six islands or blocks make up the installation device. Each of these islands contains one or more witnesses. The blocks that make up the facility have been built with rubble and recycled materials: waste, excess and invisible material, sediment from the system.

Each island refers to one of the witnesses who have participated in the project. In this way possible shelters are represented, but also the difficulty of finding or building them, together with multiple violence, fears and desires.