Youth Creators Transforming The Mediterranean

25 September 2019. From 19:00 | Conference | French | English | Barcelona
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Young writers and illustrators from Lebanon, Tunisia, France, Syria, Poland, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Latvia, the Netherlands, winners of the two international competitions “A Sea of Words” and “Drawing 4 Equality”, discuss the strength and the limits of literature and art made by young people when it comes to promoting gender equality and environmentalism as well as other changes in European and Mediterranean societies.
The event closes with an artistic intervention by the artist Mohammad Othman, a young Syrian illustrator based in Barcelona, with a live drawing inspired by fragments of the winning stories recited simultaneously by Marc Rosich, stage director and playwright.
The event marks also the launching of the exhibition “Challenging gender roles on both shores of the Mediterranean”, which includes the 20 best works out of the 270 submitted to the “Drawing 4 Equality” competition.
The eleven young writers and illustrators also take part in a workshop on literary creation and dramaturgy at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona, delivered by members of the international jury of the competition and the playwright Marc Rosich.



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