Journalism and Transitions in the Mediterranean

19 May 2014- 20 May 2014. From 19:00 | Conference | Spanish | Casa Árabe, Madrid

Throughout the last quarter of a century, the media have explained far-reaching changes and given voice to new actors in history with the desire to offer the keys to interpreting reality by taking the risk of immediacy and the lack of historical perspective. They have also done so at a time of changing journalism as a result of the emergence of the Internet and new forms of citizen and multimedia journalism. And in many cases also in very complicated and dangerous contexts for press freedom.

The Arab Spring, which began in 2011, has once again highlighted all these challenges facing the journalistic profession and the media. To reflect on this, the IEMed organizes two debates on journalism, media and transitions in the Mediterranean on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the magazine afkar / ideas, which covers the main political, socio-economic and cultural facts and trends of the region.

Lecture by Ethar el Katatney, journalist, blogger and currently working at Al Jazeera Egypt.

She previously worked as an editor for Egypt Today, a Middle Eastern news magazine, and Business Today Egypt. She has also contributed to the Muslimah Media Watch website, which criticizes the representation of Muslim women in the media and popular culture.In 2009, Ethar el Katatney won CNN Multi-Choice’s “African Journalist of the Year” award in the economics and business category for his journalistic work The Business of Islam. Her work Identity Crisis 101 has also been awarded the Mediterranean Journalism Prize by the Anna Lindh Foundation.