Italy and the Mediterranean between colonialism and postcolonialism

18 April 2024. From 18:30 | Conference | Italian | IEMed
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Italian colonialism formally ended between the Second World War and the early 1950s. Thus, the Allies occupied the colonies in the Horn of Africa and Libya between 1941 and 1943, but the UN decided the future of the ex-colonies after the Treaty of Peace signed in 1947. 

This conference will focus on the Mediterranean Sea as intended during colonialism, including the Red Sea. Then, it will move on to the post-colonial period, dealing with some turning points in the policy of the Italian Republic towards the ex-colonies, from the post-war treaties to the idea of the Mediterranean role of Italy. In the end, the conference will point out the role played by the self-absolving memory of colonialism in shaping the postwar relationship between Italy and the African countries.

Valeria Deplano she is an associate professor at the University of Cagliari, where she mainly teaches Contemporary History. She has been a guest researcher at several universities, such as Fordham University in New York or Amsterdam University. She is a member of the editorial boards “Il Mestiere di Storico” and “Italia Contemporanea”. Her research interests are the history of fascism, migration in contemporary times, the history of colonization, as well as the processes of decolonization in Italy and Europe. Among her recent publications are: “Colonial memory and European memory. Schiavismo, espansionismo e imperialismo nella narrazione della Casa della storia europea” (2023), and “Dall’anticolonialismo all’antimperialismo: associazionismo e attivismo degli studenti africani nell’Italia degli anni Sessanta” (2022).

Co-organised in the framework of the Aula Mediterrània program with the Master’s Degree in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities, UB.

Moderated by Mònica Rius-Piniés, director of the research center ADHUC-Theory, Gender, Sexuality, UB

Language: Italian

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Valeria Deplano

Valeria Deplano

Associate professor University of Cagliari
Mònia Rius-Piniés

Mònia Rius-Piniés

Director ADHUC-Theory, Gender, Sexuality, UB

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