Interculturality and the COVID-19 Crisis

18 May 2021 | Workshop | Catalan | INS Les Aimerigues, Terrassa
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Within the framework of the international project “Interculturalité et crisis-COVID-19” led by the national coordinator of the FAL of Tunisia in which the IEMed collaborates as a partner, 20 students of ESO of the INS Les Aimerigues de Terrassa benefit from a 2-hour music workshop, as the center brings together a great cultural diversity and participates in the Open Institute Program of the Secretariat of Equality, Migration and Citizenship with which the IEMed collaborates for more of 3 years.

The project “Interculturalité et crisis-COVID-19” is aimed primarily at civil society organizations CSOs in the youth sector of the EuroMed area and artists and members of the FAL and has as its main objective to contribute to preserving the circulation of culture and arts in the region in times of crisis. Culture and the arts as tools required by communities and, in particular, young people, to stimulate their development and promote the values of dialogue and peace between peoples.

The workshop taught by Moroccan musician Imad Amrad, based in Barcelona for a few years, has a dual approach, on the one hand it is a practical approach to music, mixes, which could serve young people who have a future musical interest. On the other hand, the workshop aims at making music an instrument of social integration based on Imad Amrad’s own experiences, as he explains in these TV3 videos recorded in 2014 tv3 .