Inter-Network Action of the Anna Lindh Foundation

16 December 2015- 19 December 2015 | Conference | English | French | Tarragona
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More than 100 associations from 12 European and Arab countries, members of the Anna Lindh Foundation, are discussing new ways of education in Tarragona.

The importance of non-formal education for the processes of personal and collective growth is the focus of the meeting “Non-formal and intercultural education in the Mediterranean”, where innovative ways of understanding and promoting acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes. All activities are designed in line with the mandate of the IEMed and the Anna Lindh Foundation to promote dialogue and cooperation between the peoples and cultures of the Mediterranean, something especially current and urgent given the political instability and threats the region currently faces.

The conference has an outstanding program of concerts, castellers performances and leisure activities in various squares of the city, as well as workshops in the schools of Tarragona. The meeting is open to civil society organizations and the citizens of Tarragona.The objectives of the initiative are to enable the hundred associations from Algeria, Lebanon, Belgium, Lithuania, Spain, Morocco, France, Palestine, Ireland, Portugal, Jordan and Tunisia to have the opportunity to share experiences and good practices in in the field of non-formal education, as well as reflecting on new initiatives applicable to the various contexts of the Euro-Mediterranean countries.



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