Innovation, Information and Communication Technologies. Framework, Financing Models and Good Practices

5 October 2015- 6 October 2015. From 16:30 | Conference | English | Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona
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Innovation is at the heart of economic and social development as it helps improve productivity and competitiveness. The economies of the Mediterranean countries have made progress in developing innovation policy frameworks. Nonetheless, the remaining challenge is increasing the level of integration of SMEs in networks supporting the introduction of new technologies.

Government of the region are progressively adopting innovation policies and strategies through the introduction and improvement of access to new technologies within the public and private sectors, while promoting its use for entrepreneurship and moving towards a knowledge economy. According to the World Bank, innovation processes germinate and develop in “innovation systems” which are made up of public and private organizations and actors that connect in various ways and bring together the technical and financial competencies and inputs required for innovation. In addition, it is relevant to analyze the link between innovation and productivity and examine the essential access to finance to facilitate the introduction of innovation.

The meeting discusses among the participating actors and experts of the region how policymakers can develop and reinforce a business and inner friendly ecosystem favorable to innovation.



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