Inauguration of the Exhibition “Pharaoh’s Flowers”

20 April 2016. From 19:00 | Cultural activity | Catalan | Palau dels Virreis
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Go up the waters of the Nile to learn, through papyri that are preserved, the different aspects of life in ancient Egypt. “In these documents we can hear the voices of the peoples for more than two thousand years,” says Sofía Torallas, curator of the exhibition and associate professor of the Department of Classics and Languages and Civilizations of the Near East at the University of Chicago.

All this is what this IEMed exhibition proposes, which brings together a selection of 70 pieces from two of the most important papyrus collections in the country: that of the Museum of the Abbey of Montserrat and that of the Historical Archive of the Jesuits of Barcelona. Both are made up of pieces contributed by collectors such as Bonaventura Ubach (1879-1960), monk of Montserrat; Ramón Roca-Puig (1906-2001), doctor of theology and papirologist, or José O’Callaghan Martínez (1922-2001), theologian and doctor of Philosophy and Letters.

Through religious, scientific, literary, administrative, educational, mystical and artistic materials, the exhibition invites you to a journey that begins at the Library of Alexandria, in the northern Mediterranean of Egypt, and visits several cities and commercial enclaves to finish the south, in Thebes, where they stood out for the wisdom of the priests and the practice of astrology and magic.



Carles Puigdemont

130th President Generalitat de Catalunya
Senén Florensa

Senén Florensa

Executive President IEMed