In Motion in Face of Change, Our Future at Stake

4 June 2021. From 11:00  To 13:00 | Workshop | Spanish | Online
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This debate, which is part of the “Young People’s Voice” Program, focuses on “Climate Resilience and Intercultural Smart Cities” in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 11 of the 2030 Agenda.

Young professionals of the future present their point of view on what is the current and future dimension of this problem, how human settlements should be rethought from an architectural and technical point of view, not only to resist the devastating effects of the climate but to create sustainable and ecological environments, what technological changes must  companies face in their production processes, what incentives should be considered so that these costs are affordable, the economic consequences that the lack of measures in this regard would have and finally what policies should be consolidated and developed.

The creation of these intercultural meeting spaces between young people from civil society, future actors of social transformation, contribute to strengthen the debate in different social situations, to identify shared values. The exchange of experiences and ideas have a positive impact on mutual perceptions.