III Barcelona-Casablanca Forum

30 May 2016- 31 May 2016. From 09:00 | Conference | IEMed, Barcelona
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As part of the third edition of the Barcelona-Casablanca Forum, the main economic and institutional leaders of the delegations representing these two cities hold a plenary session which highlights their complementarities, even their complicity.

Throughout the session, common issues are in fact raised: demographic growth, application of new technologies aimed at making these cities smart cities, management of the impacts presented by climate change, prices taking into account the growing demands of the inhabitants of these cities in the processes of decision-making in urban matters, of strengthening cooperation and coordination between these two large cities and the neighboring urban areas.

Among the topics that are raised because of their potential for cooperation, the interest that the two cities show in mutual cooperation in terms of modernizing and improving their food distribution infrastructure, in particular their halls and the network, of their markets.

This edition includes working sessions, visits to various organizations in the city of Barcelona and, in collaboration with IESE, a forum on public-private partnerships in Morocco.


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