II Forum Barcelona-Casablanca

30 November 2015 | Conference | Wilaya, Casablanca
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At a time when cities in Mediterranean countries are facing many challenges, it would be necessary to reflect on past experiences and new ideas to help define the cities of the future. The planning of services to citizens (health, education, garbage collection, etc.) as well as the planning of its financing and financial viability, the development of inclusive infrastructure or the national and international economic connectivity and attractiveness of cities are among the challenges which should be faced in the near future.

Cities can be more efficient with a well-developed urban plan that provides necessary social resources and services for residents. Indeed, it is really important to provide water and sanitation services to people in the metropolis and to guarantee their access to health care, education and other social and cultural services. However, as cities grow, the cost of meeting these basic needs increases. In this context, urbanization, development of urban infrastructure, traffic control and traffic congestion and air pollution are factors which have an effect in urban development.

The Barcelona – Casablanca Forum is designed as a meeting point between the two cities in order to share successful experiences that will contribute to urban development.



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