North Africa Business Development Forum

21 November 2018- 23 November 2018 | Conference | English | Barcelona
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MedaWeek Barcelona is an economic and business forum focused on promoting the private sector, the economic development as a pillar of regional integration, and the economies of the Mediterranean around the world.
The event, which gathers more than 18,000 participants in its eleven previous editions, features numerous forums, seminars, business meetings and institutional meetings, as well as the presentation of projects promoting the private sector and the regional cooperation.

And all this, with a main focus on innovation and digitalization in the Mediterranean, since 60% of the population of the Mediterranean countries is under 30 years and with a high unemployment rate, so technology can play an inclusive role.
This year, in addition, the economic appointment widens its horizons towards Africa and Asia and it builds bridges for trade and investment with the regions and neighboring countries of the Mediterranean Sea. In this sense, MedaWeek Barcelona opens its doors to the economic and business participation of sub-Saharan Africa, highlighted by the presence of an important delegation from Senegal and Mauritania, among other countries, and business delegations from the Gulf and South Asia.



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