EuroMeSCo Multistakeholders’ Forum 2024

16 May 2024 | Conference | English | European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
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The EuroMeSCo Multistakeholders’ Platform will gather researchers and think tankers, civil society actors, misinformation and disinformation analysts, media outlets, information and communication officers, and policy makers, to delve into how the European Union and its policies are perceived in its Southern Neighbourhood, how external actors influence these perceptions, and will try to seek avenues for improvement.

It will examine the impact of disinformation on narrative formation and its pivotal role in the current global narrative competition. Additionally, it will explore effective strategies to counter manipulation and combat the spread of disinformation. This Platform will address the importance of strategic communication as a tool for shaping narratives, it will analyse the European Union’s communication strategy towards the region to enhance Euro-Mediterranean relations.

This will be held back to back with the EuroMeSCo 2024 Conference.  

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