Euromed Civil Society Seminar 2012

30 November 2012- 1 December 2012 | Workshop | English | IEMed, Barcelona

After the wave of revolts and the emergence of new actors gaining substantial political prominence during 2011, the path towards consolidating new state models and democratic and inclusive systems in North Africa is expected to be long and winding. The success or failure of these political transformations will determine the future of the entire region.

Freedom of expression and the right to access information, culture and knowledge is one of the key elements for a successful democracy. Empowering plural media is crucial as they play an essential role in providing information and shape public opinion, allowing a healthy debate within society as a whole.

Traditional activism and journalism are not the only stakeholders. A whole new generation of young social activists and bloggers, who use new communication technology tools for advocacy and mobilization, are particularly relevant.

To tackle all these issues, the IEMed and the Regional Programme “Civil Society” are organizing this international seminar under the title “Freedom of expression, right to information, knowledge and culture, and the role of Media and culture in the democratic transition”.

The goal of this seminar is to engage in a fruitful dialogue, sharing experiences and promoting a set of recommendations about issues such as free of speech and freedom, free access to knowledge, information and culture, and the role of the Media and cultural actors in these matters and in the democratic transitions.



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