Euro-Mediterranean relations in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

15 November 2023. From 19:00  To 20:00 | Conference | English | IEMed - Barcelona
slideshow image The FIMAM 2020 edition held at the IEMed.

The IEMed participates and hosts the 25th edition of FIMAM on November 15-16-17.

This is the main forum in Spain for academic research on the Arab and Muslim world, founded in 1995. The IEMed had already collaborated on previous occasions in the forum in addition to having hosted it in some editions at its headquarters in Barcelona.

On Wednesday 15th November, at 7 pm, the keynote speech “Euro-Mediterranean relations in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” by Anna Khakee, professor of International Relations at Malta University, is open to the public.


Keynote Speaker

Anna Khakee

Professor of International Relations L-Università ta’ Malta

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