Barcelona Euro-Med Forum on the Role of SMEs

4 July 2018- 5 July 2018 | Conference | Spanish | Barcelona
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The IEMed participates in the annual conference of the MED Confederation, an entity that aims to promote socio-economic cooperation in the Mediterranean to place this region of up to 450 million inhabitants in a better economic, commercial and social position. The new edition of the conference is entitled “Building bridges between SMEs in the northern and southern Mediterranean: the role of SMEs in socio-economic development in the Mediterranean region”.
This event, organized by La Caixa Foundation and the IEMed, brings together representatives of international organizations, public and private institutions, business associations, a network of civil society actors as well as associations and foundations in the region to open an in-depth debate on the socio-economic challenges shared in the Mediterranean.
The program has three consecutive panels – “How to create ecosystems for entrepreneurs”, “How to support the development of SMEs”, and “The role of policies regarding the development of SMEs in the southern Mediterranean”.