The Mediterranean in The Age of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

1 October 2019- 2 October 2019 | Conference | French | Tunis
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How is the technology needed to change Mediterranean economies implemented? What are the current trends in human mobility and investments in the Mediterranean region? Which economic sectors will experience the most significant change in the future and how can we prepare today’s students to become the necessary professionals of tomorrow?
These and many other issues are the focus of discussion at the MED Confederation’s 2019 annual conference “The Mediterranean in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.
The conference brings together high-level representatives and experts from the public and private sectors to analyze the future of the Mediterranean region and the keys to addressing current and future challenges related to the fourth industrial revolution.
The conference is structured around four sessions dedicated to mobility and financial inclusion, the digitization of the labor market, the education system and the development of human capital.
Med Confederation is an alliance of foundations, banks, savings banks and think-tanks from various Euro-Mediterranean countries whose aim is to promote socio-economic cooperation in the Mediterranean to place this region of 450 million inhabitants in a better economic, commercial and social position in a globalized world. The IEMed is a founding partner and has been its secretariat since 2019.


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