Human Development as a Driver of Cooperation Between the 5+5 Dialogue

25 June 2018- 27 June 2018 | Conference | English | French | Alger
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The III MedThink 5 + 5 Forum, a network of 30 think tanks from 10 Western Mediterranean countries coordinated by the IEMed, is presented under the title “Human development as a driver of cooperation between the 5 + 5 Dialogue”.
The aim of the conference is collective reflection on the growing migratory flows of people and resources, the management of which can only be shared. Thus, the thematic corpus of the III MedThink 5 + 5 Forum is divided into four major blocks, with topics ranging from intraregional mobility, the prevention of violent extremism from the point of view of young people and women, as well as radicalization and terrorism.
This third edition, co-organized by the IEMed with the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and in collaboration with the Institut National d’Etudes de Stratégie Globale (INESG), is a key event for more than forty experts, politicians, high-level officials and representatives of diplomatic institutions from the Member States of the 5 + 5 Dialogue (Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Portugal; and on the other hand, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia).



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