The Road Towards Integration: Transport and Logistics in the Western Mediterranean

10 December 2018- 11 December 2018 | Conference | English | Nouakchot
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In the framework of the cooperation between the Group of Ministers of Transport of the Western Mediterranean (GTMO) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), the interconnection of the countries of the 5 + 5 area remains a key element of integration and co-development. However, obstacles at various levels have long prevented its completion.
Coinciding with the 9th Conference of Transport Ministers of the Western Mediterranean Countries (“5 + 5 Dialogue”) in Nouakchott, this thematic seminar aims to initiate an in-depth debate on these issues with the participation of experts and high-level political leaders.
The most demanding aspects of governance, funding and the challenges of integrating transport-related infrastructure are discussed to consolidate appropriate prospects for the future of existing cooperation frameworks.
The seminar is organized around three sessions: “Logistics and connectivity in the Western Mediterranean”, “The role of cross-border corridors in development” and “Business challenges of an integrated transport system in the GTMO 5 + 5 countries ”.