Second and Third Order Effects that Threaten to Destabilize the MENA Region

14 September 2017- 15 September 2017. From 09:00 | Conference | English | CEPS, Brussels
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The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) is co-organizing an international seminar entitled “Second and Third Order Effects that Threaten to Destabilize the MENA Region” which analyzes the main focuses of geopolitical tension in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The seminar is part of various sessions of the conference addressing different topics along two days. The sessions on the first day tackle the fragmentation of the Middle East, the current situation in Syria that has become the engine of regional instability with far-reaching impacts in the immediate and far abroad regions, Libya where the effects of the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq are shifting the conflict to its territory, The balance between continuity and change in Algeria, and the regional powers in the Maghreb and the Middle East. On the second day, the discussion is centered on the migration crisis and the role of The United States, The European Union, Russia, Iran and China as international players in rebuilding an effective strategy for the region.

This year the conference gathers multiple regional and international actors, among them researchers from both shores of the Mediterranean as well as stakeholders and representatives from civil society.