Economic Integration and Cooperation in the Mediterranean

25 March 2021. From 18:30 | Webinar | English | Online
slideshow image A general view of Tanger-Med container port in Ksar Sghir near the coastal city of Tangier, Morocco, June 26, 2019. REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal

The present moment, with the effects of the pandemic accelerating the process, highlights the necessity to change the economic system in order to promote an egalitarian society compromised with the earth. Within the Mediterranean region, it is possible to find proposals that move away from the current unsustainable development model. The conference, introduced by Rym Ayadi founder and president of the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA), presents the Blue Transition Scenario project. Such project aims to promote the narratives of TRIS (Transparent” governance, “Responsible” living, “Inclusive” economy and “Sustainable”) development in the Mediterranean. The project revolves around two pillars: dialogue, a common purpose and project, regional coordinated strategies, and roadmaps for a TRIS development of the whole region.

Ayadi presents two possible futures –a conservative or, alternatively, a transformative future– for the Euro-Mediterranean region considering four global transitions –the green, economic, societal and governance. According to Ayadi, there is still a room for action to integrate such transitions and promote a scenario that works under TRIS values. Hence, the Blue Transition Scenario allows to have hope for new horizons and create possible situations to answer, “where are we going” and “where we could go” in the Mediterranean region for the period 2030-2050.

Lecture introduced by Laura Huici, associate professor of International Public Law and International Relations (UB). Co-organised with the Master’s in International Studies – Organizations and International Cooperation (UB).



Laura Huici

Professor Universitat de Barcelona

Rym Ayadi

President EMEA