Hate Speech and Human Rights

14 February 2019. From 18:30 | Workshop | English | IEMed, Barcelona
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The lack of courage and strong convictions in relation to immigration management and its social integration by traditional political parties in Europe have contributed to the rise of hate speech, especially on the Internet, and to the emergence of populist political options. All in all, it poses a threat to respect not only for the human rights of immigrant and refugee groups but also for the democratic norms in force in Europe.
Traditional political parties are failing both in managing migration and in pursuing hate speech because in part they are hesitant about how to do so without violating the rules that govern human rights. But in the face of “the emergence of far-right populist parties, it is not too late” to react and pursue policies that reduce irregular immigration while guaranteeing human rights, better manage immigration that already exists in Europe, and begin to build with facts a different and demonstrable discourse on immigration with respect to that of the populists. So, what does John Dalhuisen suggest for a new irregular immigration management system? And what about the fight against hate speech?



Miguel Ángel Elizalde

Professor Universitat de Pompeu Fabra

John Dalhuisen

Ex-director Amnesty International Europe



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